BBQ 2023


Bitte wähle aus, welche beiden Seminare Du besuchen willst / Please select which two seminars you would like to attend.


A1) Pioneering the Future: AI Integration and Digitalization in Capital Markets 
Join our colleagues Markus Fehn, Jan Valter and Paul Springstein discussing their experiences in integrating AI into Chartered Investment's proprietary software structure. They will also shed light on the successful digitalization of processes in capital markets, offering practical insights and lessons learned.

A2) Revolutionizing Asset Management: A Tokenization Field Report
Hear about our experience on a successful tokenization project. Explore the latest developments and practical applications of tokenization, allowing you to unlock the potential of assets in innovative ways. Discover how this emerging technology can reshape traditional asset management practices and create new opportunities for investors and managers alike.

B1) Unlocking the Potential: Navigating Luxembourg Securitization Law
Frank Mausen from Allen & Overy will share the latest developments and key highlights of the Luxembourg securitization law, providing valuable insights into this crucial area of financial practice. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework and practical strategies for leveraging securitization opportunities in Luxembourg and beyond.

B2) Leading the Way: Driving Sustainable Investments with Paris-Aligned Benchmarks
Dr. Thomas Koch from Andersen Legal and Prof. Dr. Hanjo Allinger von CAP2 will delve into the significance and impact of EU Paris-aligned Benchmarks. Learn about the creation of benchmarks that align with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement, facilitating sustainable investment strategies in line with global warming targets.