LIXX launches Multi Asset Index focusing on inflation protection
08. March 2022 | Medienmitteilung

LIXX launches Multi Asset Index focusing on inflation protection

With a start date of February 16, 2022, LIXX Index Innovation launched the “Multi Asset Inflation Protected Index” for a Swiss Fintech company, which tracks performance in eight categories over a period of six months each. This offers all investors the opportunity to protect themselves from the consequences of inflation by making targeted investments.

Particularly in times of rising inflation, investors need to monitor the market development of the various asset classes to protect themselves from negative effects while profiting from assets that outperform the overall market.

The Multi Asset Inflation Protected Index managed by LIXX tracks market performance in the following eight categories: Real Estate, Commodities, Infrastructure, Inflation-Linked Bonds, Inflation Expectation Bonds, Money Market, Global Equity – Value, and Global Equity - Growth. The index thus tracks selected asset classes that tend to outperform market returns in times of rising inflation. Each category is represented by at least one fund.

Index composition follows a momentum approach where asset class performance is evaluated on a monthly basis, which then leads to an overweighting of the best-performing asset class. This allows investors to benefit from the increased momentum of the relevant asset classes – a concept that may prove especially advantageous in the current uncertain inflation environment. The index is calculated daily on a EUR basis.

Based on its ample experience in designing and implementing indexes, LIXX is responsible for the management of the Multi Asset Inflation Protected Index throughout its lifecycle.