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Chartered Investment focuses on facing the challenges of the market by developing innovative platforms. Through digitalized processes and a clear regulatory framework, we give priority to quality and security.
Our platforms are constantly being further developed and adapted to the capital market situation.

Our Idea of Capital Markets as a Service

Chartered Opus

Production- und Issuance-Platform

"Chartered Opus makes
Alternatives investable"

Why Chartered Opus?

  • Transaction experience: executing more then 300 securitization means our team has covered almost any product structure and asset risk
  • One-stop solution: we deliver all securitization services needed and under a transparent fee setup
  • Automation: for standardized transactions we run straight through processes from document generation to daily pricing routines
  • Multi-issuer platform: to date, we maintain three issuers to offer the most optimal and flexible solution when it comes to private placements, public offers and listing on regulated venues
  • Governance: Chartered Investment as servicer of the issuers is a BaFin regulated financial service company; all compartments are audited by E&Y; we have MiFID 2 governance processes in place; one of our issuers is regulated by the CSSF

LIXX Index Innovation

LIXX Innovation
Management and
of Indices

"We partnered with numerous investment banks to calculate bespoke indices for structured products"

Why LIXX Index Innovation?

  • Indexing: we provide calculation services for trading strategies, investment ideas or benchmarks in a transparent and reliable manner
  • Technology: runs a multi asset calculation engine for liquid assets
  • Flexibility: besides calculating and maintaining rule-based indices, LIXX also extends its offering to discretionary strategies
  • Derivatives and alternative asset: cooperation with valuation services for “out-of-the-box” requests
  • Compliance: LIXX is the first benchmark index administrator registered with BaFin


Marketplace for sharing trading strategies

"Publish and license your trading strategy on Instifolio and make it investable through Chartered Opus"

Why Instifolio?

  • Track record: build an independently calculated and transparent track record and gain trust with your licensees before any investment is made
  • Licensing fees: our clients can license trading strategies to third parties worldwide and profit from licensing fees
  • Intellectual property: the methodology used for generating buy and sell signals stays in the hands of our clients. No code is shared or implemented on the Instifolio platform
  • Distribution channel: we open a new digital distribution channel for our client’s trading strategies
  • Investable: using our issuance platform Chartered Opus, Instifolio trading strategies can be packaged into investment products


Blockchain technology-driven securities

"Guidance, technology, register management from a single source."

Why e-Sec?

  • What Is It: Crypto-Securities are dematerialized by means of a distributed ledger system
  • Why: Crypto-Securities allow for new means in Financial Engineering through direct interaction with investors and barrier free issuing processes
  • Quick Time to Market: once onboarded, new security tokens can be issues within shortest time to market. We provide the necessary tools tom manage the issuance process and life cycle management.
  • First mover: Chartered Opus together with e-SEC has been the first Isssuer to issue a crypto security under the new German Legislation.
  • Compliance: e-SEC has a preliminary license to act as registrar for Crypto Securities according to §32 of the KWG (German Banking Act)
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